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Lot of Dynamism at CEREPPOL UN-NGO

Change is on the way!

One step beyond sustainable change
CEREPPOL UN-NGO is moving forward

The CEREPPOL UN-NGO is about to be transformed in the coming weeks. All our team is preparing new strategies to serve the interest of Populations in the World. We are determined to succeed into our new missions. Of course, you are invited to celebrate this change with us. See all the details in our next posts on this page. 

Civil Society Days 2017

European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels - June 2017

François DI SALVO, Marianne BERTRAND 2017

The Rendezvous fixed by the EESC is dedicated to value the "State of Union" of the Citizens with their EU Institutions. The UN-NGO CEREPPOL attends this official meeting with the scope to deepen dialogue and foster work on the Future of EU. It's our commitment to take part to this change and set-up new links to fulfill the SDGs at all levels. 

Valence       "World Cities Day"

Just a few weeks after the adoption of the New Urban Agenda in Quito (Equator), the CEREPPOL NGO is committed to implement this new governance tool with local governments in the Drôme Region. The event is scheduled for Wed., Nov 23, 2016. Starts at 02:00 p.m, at the Maison des Sociétés (Valence, FR)-  3rd Floor, Conference room "Haroun Tazieff. You are welcome.

A new partnership for the international cooperation and the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals has been signed between the NGO CEREPPOL and the Institut des Hautes Etudes of Tunis (IHE). The two institutions will combine complementary expertise to generate new synergies for development. Such a good new from each part of the Mediterranean Sea.

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